Lotus of Siam, Las Vegas



The atmosphere in this restaurant was very busy, casual, Asian, and packed with people. When you first walk in, you will automatically see the walls all covered in the countless awards they’ve won. This includes best Thai food in North America, a 2008 reccomendation by Michelin, and so many more! There’s probably more than 25 awards up there! Very impressive. Even the service was pretty great for this type of restaurant. Something interesting, was that they had a wine cellar. Not something you see everyday in Asian restaurants, eh?


* We ordred everything at a spice level of 2/10

Tom kah kai [(Bangkok style) a distinctive soup of sliced chicken with coconut milk, straw mushrooms, galanga, lemon grass, and a touch of lime juice)


Alexus: The flavors of this soup worked so well together. I loved the coconut milk and the cilantro. Even though it was spicy, I didn’t really mind. The chicken tastes so good marinated in the soup. Ahh the taste was very different from what soup I usually have, and it really bursted with defined flavor. One of my favorite dishes of the meal.

Alyssa: This dish was so good! It was spicy, but the creamy coconut milk gave it balance. It was creative because there was cilantro added as well. It was surprisingly very good, but beware the hot peppers inside the soup because I ate one and I cried from the spiciness.

Garlic prawns


Alexus: The flavor in these prawns was outstanding. The batter added a nice crunchiness, and they got the seasoning just right. Be sure to try these if you plan on dining at Lotus of Siam!

Alyssa: These prawns were fantastic! The sauce they used was so good. Be sure to eat the tail, it’s the best part and it tastes crunchy like chips.

Sea bass on drunken noodle (deep fried sea bass topped with fresh homemade chili and Thai basils. Served on the top of pan fried flat rice noodles) – $29.95


Alexus: Another one of my favorites from today’s meal. The noodles were very tasty, and had a great texture. Now these are the kind of noodles I like. On the other hand, the sea bass was sooo good. When you bite into it, there’s some oil that adds flavour as the fish taste settles in. The batter – maybe even some seasoning – they used was great (just something about the way it tasted). I can’t explain the flavour, but I’d also recommend getting this dish.

Alyssa: The noodles were chewy and sweet, while the sea bass was light and fell apart easily. I liked this dish.

Crispy duck with chili mint leaves (crispy duck topped with fresh homemade chili and Thai basils) – $20.95


Alexus: Man, another great dish. My other favourite (haha). At this point, who cares about the spice? The duck was perfectly crisp, and delicious! Try it for yourself, there was even a coconut flavor that added a different taste.

Alyssa: This was pretty good. I liked how they used coconut in this dish. It was tasty.

Nua yang prik thai onn (charbroiled beef sautéed in our own special baby corn pepper sauce) – $18.95


Alexus: I agree with Alyssa. This dish was good, but nothing amazing. The beef was pretty tender, and flavor was good. The sauce was tasty, but more similar to most other beef plates (similar to this one).

Alyssa: This was good but not amazing. It was flavourful but nothing special.

Nam kao tod (cripsy rice mixed with sour minced pork sausages, green onions, fresh chilis, ginger, peanuts, and lime juice) – $7.95


Alexus: This dish was good. The flavors were all very “energetic”, and stood out. I didn’t like the texture of the rice – crunchy but sort of sticky – but only because they stuck to my braces. There was some zesty lime flavor as well, but it was a bit too strong (sour).

Alyssa: I really liked this dish! It was kinda crunchy, sweet and very tasty. The texture was like plain white rice and I enjoyed eating this dish.

Koong char num plar (prawns marinated in seasoned fish sauce, served raw with tangy and spicy fish sauce, fresh garlic slices and roasted chili paste) – $11.95


Alexus: These were an interesting thing to try, but I wouldn’t get it again. It was good, but I think I would need to get more used to the raw taste. The texture was kind of gooey, but adding the garlic and mint made it taste much better.

Alyssa: These prawns were good. They’re raw and you have to eat them a certain way. You dip the prawn in the the spicy fish sauce, then you put the roasted chili paste on top. After, you put a mint leaf. Lastly, you put fresh garlic slice. But it wasn’t spicy at all.

Banana spring roll & Sticky rice with mango and dry koehler


Alexus: This was very tasty. Soo good! I loved the banana with the spring roll, plus we had coconut ice cream to go with it. It can’t get much better for a Thai restaurant! The coconut ice cream was not your regular, it was less creamy and tasted a bit more watery-fresh, like a slushy. The sticky rice had seeds and gave a different texture. It had a nice coconutty taste.

Alyssa: This dessert tasted really good! The mango goes with the coconut sweet rice, and it tastes so good! The mangoes were really sweet and the warm banana roll was sugary. We also ate amazing coconut ice cream with the banana rolls. I loved their coconut ice cream! YUM!


Alexus:This was such a tasty restaurant. I love how all the flavors are so strong, and the dishes are unique. Good service, welcoming atmosphere. The spice didn’t bother me too much either. Though we don’t have much Thai food experience, I think it was pretty good. Good enough for best in all of North America? Im not sure of the answer yet. Hopefully I will discover that soon enough!

Alyssa: I really enjoyed eating at this restaurant. The food was packed with great flavors and the service was good.


Alexus: 8.5/10

Alyssa: 9/10

See more at:
Lotus of Siam on Urbanspoon

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